Hi, I´m Laura, UX / UI Designer.

I love learning, experimenting and discovering new areas and aspects within my field of action: UX/UI. That’s the main reason I dedicate my life to this, but let´s not forget about my passion: assisting and helping create ways that improve people’s lives to make their everyday a little better.

During my 7 years as a professional in the field, often mingling and collaborating with multicultural colleagues all across the globe, I acquired a dilated and strong experience working in graphic design, communication and digital marketing projects. All of these were always pointed towards creating amazing user experiences, with ease and effectiveness.

In my spare time I push my creativity further. I enjoy manual arts such as sketching and watercolor painting, creative cooking and photography.

I consider myself a proactive, empathetic and responsible person, who is always aware of the latest developments in the technology sector.

This is why I think UX/UI is the appropriate field for me to channel my professional skills and life-long passion.

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