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5 days


How can technology help overcome "unwanted" isolation and loneliness (in cities)?


Sprint Questions · Crazy 8 · HMW · Customer Journey

We started with the Sprint Questions, which will help us to situate the possibilities of the challenge, and then we transformed them into HMW (How Might We...?) and defined the theme in solving loneliness through interaction with animals. We made a Costumer Journey with different types of profiles of people who usually feel lonely to detect their Pain Points.


Storyboard · Lightning Demos

We went on to define the solution and to do so I was inspired by my relationship with my dog Leo and I remembered the company and unconditional love he gave me, but also that the poor man was very lonely at home when I went to work, so I came up with the idea of a PPP that would connect neighbours with dogs owned by people who had to leave them alone, and thus combat the loneliness of both the human neighbour and the dog neighbour.


Wireframes · High fidelity design


Maze Design · 5 second test

Tras diseñar la APP realicé varios tipos de test para comprobar si se entendía bien en qué consistía la APP y también si los usuarios entendían bien cómo utilizarla. Tras los test iteré el diseño de la APP.

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