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Design Thinking · UX Research · Proto-persona · Proto-Journey · UI Design


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2 weeks


Comply with SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) using Lean UX methodology

The aim of the project is to achieve some of the Sustainable Development Goals through an innovative product, improving the user experience. In my team we focused on providing a solution to the consumption of microplastics.


Desktop Research · high-low risk and knowledge-unknowledge matrix · IN&OUT · Business Assumptions Statement · Assumptions prioritization matrix · Hypothesis

We started with an IN&OUT matrix of the SDGs we were most interested in and that's how we decided to focus on microplastics. We defined the idea with the help of the matrix of high-low risk and knowledge-unawareness, we chose those with higher risk and lack of knowledge.


Proto-persona · Proto-journey · Lean UX Canvas · User stories

We carried out three proto-persona profiles with their proto-journeys and the Lean UX Canvas that helped us to further define our business model. The user stories helped us to define what we had to include in the landing page and what not to include in order to capture leads.


Wireframes · High fidelity design · Website · APP

We designed both the website and the app in Figma, the website was transferred to WordPress, you can check it out at the following link. We also made a welcome email with Mailchimp and a downloadable guide as a welcome gift.

Visit the website


Google Analytics · Hotjar · Mailchimp

After publishing the website with WordPress, we measured it with Google Analytics, Hotjar and email subscriptions with Mailchimp.

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