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Design Thinking · UX Research · User persona · Costumer Journey · SWOT · UI Design · Watercolor illustration


Gitbook · Miro · Figma · Infogram · Whimsical · Color calculator · Paper · Watercolor


2 weeks


How do you help women and men to accept their bodies and be happy with them?

Searching for a digital solution to contribute to the Body Positive movement. This social justice movement that advocates for the plurality of bodies, without any kind of exclusion or discrimination. This means a rebellion against the media (women's magazines, social networks, TV, cinema,...) that have been representing for decades an unreal and unreachable stereotype of women. The effort made by a woman or man will never be enough because it does not matter if she reaches that ideal, since hundreds of companies are behind this psychological manipulation in order to sell more beauty products.


Research Questions · Desktop Research · Netnography · Benchmarking · Survey · Interviews

I started with several Research Questions that led me to better define my Desktop Research, then I did a survey with which I obtained more than 150 answers and also conducted 5 interviews : 1 nutritionist, 1 psychologist and 3 women with different bodies and ages.


User persona · Empathy map · Point of view · Customer journey

After the investigation I went on to define and carry out three User Person with their respective Empathy, POV and Customer Journey Maps.


Brainstorming · Prioritization of Ideas · IN&OUT · Categorization of Ideas · Analogous-Antilogue · SWOT · Business Model · Value Proposition

Thanks to all the research I did, it was easy for me to brainstorm, to organize the ideas too, with the help of the ThinkersCO templates; I made the Desirability-Feasibility Matrix, IN&OUT, SWOT and Analogous-Antilogue. To give it more realism and to be able to create a prototype as faithful as possible, I made the Business Model and the Value Proposal.


Wireframes · High fidelity design · Watercolor painting

The Blove Tribe is committed to the visibility of bodies by creating community and giving importance to mental and physical health through self-esteem and the dissemination of Body Positive content. The Blove Tribe has a physical space, the cafeteria, and a website.

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