The Yellow Garden


Design Thinking


Design Thinking · UX Research · User persona · Costumer Journey · UI Design · Watercolor illustration


Gitbook · Miro · Figma · Infogram · Whimsical · Color calculator · Paper · Watercolor


2 weeks


Improve UX in the flower industry.

The goals are to digitize a traditional sector, to bring such a physical product, which people need to smell and touch, closer to the digital world and to bring flowers closer to families and to those people who are reluctant to buy flowers.


Research Questions · Desktop Research · Netnography · Benchmarking about the flower market · Survey · Interviews

Having already all the questions, we look for the answers with a desktop research and we also focus on the netnography of those companies that already sell flowers and plants online social networks, forums and specialized blogs. Through a benchmarking we could see how is the market for flowers of those companies selling online as Interflora, Colvin, supermarkets, ... We carried out a survey on Google Forms obtaining 110 answers and conducted 4 interviews: a florist with 30 years of experience in the sector, a retired person with a private garden, a millennial woman and a millennial man.


User persona · Empathy map · Point of view · Customer journey

We made 3 User Persona with their respective Maps of Empathy, POV and Customer Journey, each user corresponds to the profile of florist, retired with garden and millennial who wants to buy flowers.


Brainstorming · Utility and Feasibility Matrix · IN&OUT · Competitor Benchmarking · Idea Categorization · SWOT · Business Model · Value Proposition

In the generative phase we started with a brainstorming to get all the possible ideas inspired by the insights from the exploratory phase. These ideas needed to be filtered and we did it with the utility and viability matrix together with the IN&OUT technique. After categorizing the ideas by clusters and choosing the ones that convinced us the most. THE IDEA was finally born: an online shop selling plants and flowers with a large physical space in the center of the city. To give more sense to our idea we did a SWOT and a Benchmarking to know how the competition is. Before we started designing we made our Business Model and the Value Proposal, with this finished we wanted to launch it now!


Wireframes · High fidelity design · Watercolor painting

The Yellow Garden puts the user and their needs at the center, a space where the customer will feel understood, pampered and find the ideal place to buy flowers and plants, and learn. It consists of both a physical space and an e-commerce of plants and flowers.

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